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Other users can't see E-Forms

Subject: Other users can't see E-Forms

I am Docal administrator.
Just to check how do we ascertain what is the problem as my colleague is unable to see several E-Forms whereas I am able to access?
Appreciate your advise soonest.



As a Docal Administrator, you can always see all E-Forms.

For your colleague, in order to see an E-Form, he must have any kind of involvement in it, either by:

  • Being the Writer of any section.
  • Being an Addressee of any section.
  • Belonging to a Department and Level that has a “generic” authorization for that Design.

As a quick solution, I would recommend adding your colleague as an Addressee by following these steps (see image below):
1) Click button “Designs” in the main toolbar.
2) Select the appropriate design.
3) Click button “Data from.. (your design)”.
4) Select the eForms you want to give to your colleague. To give him all of them, use menu “Tools / Select all”.
5) Right click on the name of the eForm on the left.
6) In the context menu, select option “Add Screen Addressees so Section 1”
7) In the users list, look for your colleague and click “Choose”.

For a long-lasting solution, we recommend creating “generic” authorizations inside the design.


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