Save private notes or passwords, photos and videos into your iPhone or iPad

Your notes, photos and videos protected by a password


  • Protect your notes or passwords, photos and videos in your iPhone and iPad
  • Unlock MultiPasswords with your face (FaceID) or finger (TouchID)
  • Set MultiPasswords as your password manager in iPhone Settings, Passwords and accounts, Autofulfill, and use prefixes #s, #u and #p to indicate every web site along with your user and password for it
  • You can keep separate "books" (sets of notes, photos and videos), like work, personal, confidential... just by using a different PIN
  • The stored information is never saved in its original format, so you can backup into your PC, DropBox, Google Drive or iCloud, without concerns about your privacy. Also support for AirDrop

General and MultiPasswords pricacy policies

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